Culinary therapy for all

Dishmeetup is an online community of folks from all walks of life using cooking to nurture, heal, and feel better.

Food is more than what we eat. Intentional cooking, being present in the kitchen and making a dish for yourself can feel so therapeutic. Invest in yourself and discover the mental and physical health benefits of cooking.

We use cooking/baking to make good food and lifestyle choices so we can experience abundant energy, mental clarity, physical strength, a sense of accomplishment, and improved self-esteem.

Join our community (All levels welcome!)

Why you should join

You want to:

– explore and use home cooking as a way of self-care, a sense of accomplishment, and improve your self-esteem. 

– cook smarter and more efficiently on busy weeknights with delicious easy to make and nutritious meals.

– tune into and analyze what your body needs vs what you think it wants. 

– explain and identify how your gut and emotions communicate and are interconnected. 

– feel strong both mentally and physically.

– nurture and test your creativity in the kitchen. 

– improve your relationship with yourself and others.

– build a holistic, balanced, and realistic relationship with food where both successes and failures are welcome and considered as valuable lessons. 

Join our community!

Show up for yourself

Follow Dishmeetup on Instagram and share your creations using #dishmeetup or mention @dishmeetup.

As a community, we believe in inspiring and supporting each other. The photos we share are ways we show up for ourselves when things are good and bad. Plus as members in a more private environment, you can ask questions, share your lessons and experiences.

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